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The program will open back up for new members soon.

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DISCLAIMER: CLIENTS IN BULK IS NOT A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY AND THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES OF FINANCIAL OR OTHER RESULTS. Clients in BULK teaches marketing strategies designed for experienced business owners and other professionals. All customer testimonials are reflective of the customer’s individual experience using Clients in BULK and are the result of a variety of factors, such as: (a) nature of customer’s business and clientele, (b) length of time in business, (c) location of business, (d) location of promotional event(s), (e) cost of services offered, and (f) competition within customer’s industry. Due to these factors, it is not possible for Clients in BULK to guarantee a specific amount of—or any—financial or other success for you if you complete the program, or to “average” the success of past participants. Your participation in the Clients in BULK program is at your own risk.